Returning to the Mothership

Just a quick post to discuss my, as of tomorrow, new role as a:

Staff Solutions Architect at VMware!

This was quite a tricky decision, and one I did not take lightly, as everyone at Ahead has my utmost respect and appreciation. I move towards this new opportunity with a heavy heart, and a grateful mind.

My time at Ahead as a Senior Solutions Architect was spent consulting with some of the most brilliant executives and technical resources of the Fortune 500, as well as SMB and Commercial space rockstars that kept me on the cutting edge of current technologies. It also involved quite a bit of travel, as it seems that VP’s and CXO’s don’t fly to¬†you. Imagine my surprise!

It was difficult to predict the amount of travel, and that it would impact my family life, when I had my first child two years ago in March. Coming home from a project, and realizing that my son had learned new words was heartbreaking. I’m sure I won’t care with child #2, but I digress. (kidding!)

My desire to maintain expertise, and also to stay close to home led me back to VMware by pure chance, as a position opened up for the Central region just as I had moved to Ypsilanti with my family. Serendipitous, is a word. While I spent many hours in contemplation, ultimately I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. A happy family life, plus career excellence are not mutually exclusive in my mind, and I am lucky to be offered such a prestigious position with a great team, in a place where I happen to live. A huge thank you to everyone, past and present, that helped me get to where I am, and will be in the future!

I will keep updating as things progress, and I look forward to seeing everyone at VMUGs, VMworld, and vBeers still as usual – Cheers!

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